3LYFEinc Mission: is to make your business more efficient by providing solutions to maximize your time.


Our Purpose: is to help businesses achieve their goals. 


3LYFEinc  is a service based company run by a friendly team of creative innovated thinkers performing services in an unconventional and innovative way.  We utilize our experience and effective communication skills to proactively and effectively enhance our clients operations.


We provide a variety of services to help businesses of all kinds grow and succeed: Administrative Services, Accounting Services. Human Resource Consulting &  Technology Solutions.  These services form the backbone of our own business. Our Clients expectations & requirements will be met in the highest quality manner appropriate to each market segment served. 3LYFEinc clients are a diverse group ranging from small to medium (SMB) to Enterprise Level business that want to save money, time, and resources  and streamline their organization's operations.


Time is not only valuable, it is an unrecoverable asset outsourcing the assistance you need will give you more time and energy.  And, with more time and energy, you’ll be able to stay focused, pursue and achieve your goals; all contribute to increasing the efficiency of your business, and therefore increasing the bottom line of your business.


3LYFEinc  was built the following five beliefs:

  1. Ideas change the world. Our innovative thinking, passion for our business & our culture drives our determination to become a nationally respected and trusted company.

  2. Authentic Relationships are built on integrity, honesty & open communication. We follow through with what we say we will do. At the end of the day it’s not what we say or do, but how we make people feel that matters the most.

  3. Do More With Less: We strive to efficiently improve our operations and yours by getting more done with fewer resources.

  4. Fun boosts creativity a fun workplace is not only more productive, but it attracts people and profits.

  5. Corporate activities will be conducted to the safest and most responsible highest ethical and professional standards.


3LYFEinc welcomes change with open arms we are always thinking of ways to improve processes, perspectives, and opinions. We aims to exceed expectations and meet challenging goals by making informed decisions. We investigate a full range of possibilities; give careful thought as to how to execute the decided course of action that will lead us closer to the ideal solutions.


3LYFEinc will strive to develop mutually rewarding relationships with its employees, partners and suppliers. We are focused on building a professional team with a family spirit. We hire people who are smart and determined, and we favor ability over experience, we work together and play together because our bonds go beyond the typical co-worker relationship. We strive to maintain the open culture in which everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions


Through our Mission, we strive to be a company trusted by the world. It is about constructing positive outcomes by respecting a diversity of skills, values, experiences, genders, and races and fostering teamwork.


3LYFEinc competitive advantages are rooted in that fact that we are creative, adventurous open-minded thinkers who believe that Innovation is a team sport.  3LYFEinc works to constantly unlock potential, solve new problems, and purse growth. We know that only a business driven by strong values can deliver strong, sustainable returns.